Tai Chi & Qigong with Jake Mace

One of the most famous, effective, and beneficial martial arts practices to come out of China is Tai Chi Chuan. Meaning the Grand Ultimate Method this ancient practice is considered a Soft Style of Chinese Qi Gong and Martial Arts.

Soft Styles of Martial Arts include Tai Chi Chuan but also other systems. Tai Chi itself is an art of self defense but it emphasizes a relaxed body and mind without stress or distraction. A human mind and body which is relaxed is more efficient, productive, aware, sensitive, and healthy. Stress has been shown to have the same negative effects on the body and brain as hard core drug abuse!

Tai Chi involves deep abdominal breathing as a part of the practice. This has led Tai Chi to be called a type of "Meditation in Motion" although the literal meaning of the Chinese term Tai Chi Chuan is "The Grand Ultimate Fist." Today, people mainly train Tai Chi for its health benefits. Tai Chi has been shown to increase brain neuroactivity, increase cardiovascular health, increase bone density, improve joint function, improve balance, and create a sense of well being for the practitioner!

Tai Chi began as a Taoist religious practice possibly at Wu Dang Mountain in Central China. It works off the principle of Yin and Yang, the theory that everything in the Universe has an opposite (ie. hot/cold, male/female, light/dark, up/down, water/fire, rising/sinking, etc). 

Attending our Tai Chi classes will bring aspects of health, longevity, and balance Tai Chi into your life the. Attending our Qi Gong (Chinese Yoga) class on Monday's will give your body flexibility, power, core strength, mental focus, and energy. Both classes are included in our full membership or you may sign up for just the Tai Chi classes HERE!

***For more information about these and other styles of Tai Chi taught within our school, please come by and visit Phoenix Longevity Arts, during class hours.

Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Ji Quan)

A brief list of our Tai Chi curriculum at Phoenix Longevity Arts is below:

  1. Tai Chi 24 combination form

  2. Tai Chi Qi Gong postures

  3. Yang Family Tai Chi 64 posture form

  4. Yang Family Tai Chi Straightsword

  5. Yang Family Tai Chi Broadsword

  6. Yang Family Tai Chi Applications Set

  7. Chen Family Tai Chi Form

  8. Chen Family Tai Chi Iron Fan

  9. Tai Chi Sticky/Push Hands, Candle Focus,

        and Breathing skill

  1. Yi Jin Jing Classical Qi Gong Postures

  2. 8 Brocades of Qi Gong

  3. Hua Tou 5 Animal and 5 Element Qi Gong

***For more information about these and other styles of Tai Chi taught within our school, please come by and visit Phoenix Longevity Arts, during class hours.

Yang Tai Chi 
2 Disc DVD

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“Corporate Tai Chi”
Tai Chi or Self Defense in Your BusinessCorporate_Tai_Chi.html
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