Kung Fu & Self Defense with Jake Mace

The martial arts curriculum at Phoenix Longevity Arts is vast and diverse. Our curriculum includes Kung Fu animal systems, Empty Hand, Northern Fist, Southern Fist, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing Yi, Weapons, Five Animal, Pressure Point Systems, and Ancient Chi Kung (Qi Gong). Students learn according to their own level and are encouraged to advance at their own pace. Every martial style is taught with practical self defense applications and Shaolin “old world” philosophy. Below is an brief list of Martial Arts styles taught at Phoenix Longevity Arts.

Empty Hand:

  1. Whirling Palm

  2. Buddha Family Fist

  3. Hua Mountain Fist

  4. Northern Fist

  5. Southern Fist

  6. 108 Lohan

  7. Chin Na/Grappling

  8. 8 Drunken Immortals

  9. Pressure Point Study

Animal Systems:

  1. Black Tiger

  2. Golden Leopard

  3. 7 Star Mantis

  4. Eagle Claw

  5. Monkey

  6. White Crane

  7. Shaolin Bird

  8. Shaolin 5 Animal


  1. Entwine the Dragon Staff

  2. Plum Blossom Spear

  3. Double Broadsword

  4. Double Hooksword

  5. Sai

  6. Double Daggers

  7. Omei Daggers

  8. Chainwhip

  9. Kwan Tao

  10. 3 Section Staff

  11. 7 Star Sword

  12. Double Sword

  13. Drunken Weapons

Meditation & Chi Kung:

  1. Yang Tai Chi

  2. Chen Tai Chi

  3. Pa Kua Chang (Ba Gua Zhang)

  4. Hsing I Chuan (Xing Yi Quan)

  5. I Chin Ching (Chinese Yoga - Yi Jin Jing)

  6. Iron Bone /Iron Palm

  7. 5 Element/5 Animal Chi Kung

***For more information about these and other styles of Kung Fu taught within our school, please come by and visit Phoenix Longevity Arts, during class hours.

Chinese Kung Fu (Gong Fu)

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